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"Bar the doors and say your prayers, tonight the dead walk.

Long have we crazed creators labored to stitch together the parts

of this beast, and now with your contribution, its once dead flesh

shall again know life.

With the publishing of this sinister volume the old tradition of Duck

anthologies is revived for the first time since the GFC, ready to

spread terror among a whole new generation of readers. I stand

here as the spokesperson of the project, but I am merely the

figurehead of this voyage of the damned, the real work was done by

our community. The tireless work of our contributors is the reason

I have anything to show you at all, and the reason we want so

desperately to keep our site alive.

The existence of this anthology stands as concrete proof of the

welcoming and tight-knit community that the Duck has created, but

unfortunately passion can only get so far. Organs wear out, neck

bolts need tightening, and well fitted shirts are hard to find when

you're eight feet tall. The Duck is a venerable old site these days,

and in need of fresh blood like yours to rejuvenate it. By purchasing

this anthology you are helping us to fund a redesign of the site that

will put some much needed spring back into its earth shaking step,

and for your generosity we are incredibly grateful.

Now please, step into the lab, enjoy the twisted creations our

contributors have crafted for you. And if you wish to stay after the

show is done, we’d be all too eager to have you. We’re always in

need of fresh bodies.."
The Duck Webcomic's Anthology, The Duck: REANIMATED features 15 horror stories told by the members of The Duck.

All of the stories range from a warm cozy campfire feel to true nightmare horror.

This anthology was started in an effort to raise funds to give the Duck Webcomic a much needed makeover. All of the funds made here will go directly into a piggy bank to be used for a grand change.

Some of these stories have mature content that may not be suitable for a young audience, caution is advised.

Please note: the purchase of the anthology also grants you seven coloring pages done by SNOWYWISP (aka Alice Elizabeth/damehelsing on the Duck) - the coloring pages are not a transfer of ownership over the art. They are simply coloring pages.

I want this!

With "The Duck: REANIMATED" you will get 15 horror stories and 7 coloring pages.


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6 ratings
I want this!